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Instructor assisting students in a laboratory

Let's Talk About Learning

A University-Wide Language for Learning

Chronicle of Higher Education, Teaching Newsletter 

March 9, 2023

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Preparing Students to Learn

Program Innovation: Establishing Healthy Student Learning Habits

Inside Higher Ed

February 27, 2023 

Two students at a table in a residence hall study lounge

Promoting Effective Learning

Learning at Iowa promotes effective learning strategies 

University of Iowa Strategic Plan Update

January 19, 2023

Upcoming Conference Presentations

The Learning at Iowa team will be presenting about the Three Ms and our campus partnerships at the following conferences in 2023:

Design promoting the Region 6 conference

Developing Effective Learners: The Role of Advisors in Supporting Student Academic Success


NACADA Region 6 Conference

May 1-3 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Memory Photo - Physics Demonstration Chalkboard

Achievements and Challenges in Developing a Campus-Wide Learning Framework for Student Success


Symposium on Transforming the Foundational Postsecondary Experience, Gardner Institute

June 12-13 in Asheville, NC.

Logo for 2023 NASPA Conferences on Student Success in Higher Education

Developing Effective Learners: A Cross-Campus Initiative to Support STEM Student Success


NASPA Conferences on Student Success in Higher Education.

June 25 - 27 in Kansas City, MO.